Hot People Food

Monday--Vote by twitter

Tuesday--Rosslyn (19th & N. Lynn)                  

Wednesday--Ballston (Metro Station)

Crystal City (2100 or 2200 block Crystal Drive)

Friday-- Courthouse (Near by Metro Station)

Backyard Birthdays, Wedding Celebration, Outdoor Office Parties, Private Parties!

Feel like having a party, but don't want to cook or clean up?

Let Hot People Food truck serve you!

We cater to parties of all sizes and occasions.
Rates are based on the number of people and the menus, Hot People create your own menus! You tell us what you want to have on the party!!!

Please let Hot People know before one week!

We have time to plan an awesome party for you!!!

A unique party venue that comes to you!

Open Monday--Friday from10:45 to 02:30pm

Hot People
306 S Highland St
Arlington, VA 22204


Take Order (202) 487-3771

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